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Thank you for your interest in the Clara Remote Assistant independent contractor opportunity!

Clara is a virtual assistant product that saves customers hours a week and tons of cognitive load. Customers copy Clara on emails initiating meetings, and Clara schedules the meetings. Clara’s promise to the customer includes high accuracy, fast response time to requests, and a socially aware service that deals with scheduling complexity elegantly.

While customers interact with Clara as a single entity, on the back end Clara is a software platform that empowers humans - Clara Remote Assistants - to process scheduling requests correctly and efficiently. CRAs process customer requests within the Clara software, follow established Clara protocol found in our knowledge base and utilize their excellent English communication skills and scheduling experience.

*We put together a series of screens to make sure that the Clara opportunity is a good match for you. They represent the work you’ll do as a CRA well, so please make note of whether this kind of work excites you! The entire screening could take anywhere from a few minutes up to about 2 hours depending on how you answer the questions. *

Thank you for your time, and good luck!

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